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Welcome To Chapter 52
Welcome To Chapter 52
Welcome To Chapter 52
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2018 Kathy Jaffe Challenge Dates Released. Click for more info.
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Welcome to Chapter 52 of the International Aerobatic Club! We are an active group of aerobatic enthusiasts from Southeastern New York, Western Connecticut, North and Central New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our membership includes not only current pilots, but also less active pilots, non-pilot cheerleaders, those interested in judging, and people who just like to hang around and help out! Visit the member area to sign-up or renew. For more information on aerobatics, the IAC, or Chapter 52, browse these pages, download our chapter brochure, and feel free to contact our Chapter President.

Chapter 52 sponsors the IAC Kathy Jaffe Spirit of Aerobatics Award in memory of Kathy, who was the well-loved epicenter of our chapter for many years. We encourage the volunteer spirit and advocate spin training for all.

Chapter 52 sponsors The Kathy Jaffe Challenge aerobatic contest currently held at the South Jersey Regional Airport (KVAY), in Lumberton, NJ. The Kathy Jaffe Challenge decides annual title to the Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy Award.

This four and one half minute video made by Cari Chadwick gives a flavor of what an IAC Aerobatics Competition is like. Most of the video footage came from the 2005 Kathy Jaffe Challenge at Flying-W. (Note: the file is Apple QuickTimeTM format. You can download a player from Apple to view this high quality QuickTimeTM video.

This six minute video made by Rob Marsicano at the 2006 Kathy Jaffe Challenge gives a pilot's eye view of an aerobatics sequence (wmv, 169Kb non-streaming). Enjoy!

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